Leg Day Premiere


Checklist before submitting:

  • The final exported file must be a minute or less.

  • Must comply with this week’s rules.

  • Must submit before noon the day of Leg Day.

  • Must attend this week’s Leg Day to submit on this page.

  • File name is labeled with rule code and your name.

    Example: KTL###-YourName.mov

Submissions for Leg Day

If you made a film this week but can’t attend Leg Day in Atlanta, click below.

Please read the checklist above before submitting.

(The person who will be receiving the KTL frame)
Such as #KTL111, #KTL222, etc.
Google Drive/Dropbox/etc (links we can download without a third party site or app)
Cell Phone/Email/Whatever. In case something goes wrong. We won't subscribe you to anything.