Kick the Ladder Films

Official Rules of the new filmmaking game called Kick the Ladder.

How it works:

There are [currently] three separate dice.

D#1 (1-6) determines the quantity of D#2 | D#3 is an additional requirement

All three dice are rolled at Leg Day (Monday nights) and later uploaded to the Instagram story around midnight.

Rules of Kick the Ladder (s0 far):

-Film must be one minute or less

-All footage is captured within a given week*

-Dice determines the weeks rules

-Dice determines the hashtag that must follow the film

-One KTL frame per film

-Please refrain from posting or showing your film until after premiering at Leg Day

D#1 - numbered 1-6 | D#2 - numbered 0-9 | D#3 - all consonants



[B] D#1 continuous seconds of complete Black.
[C] Your film must coordinate with another* film made this week.
[D] +++RE-ROLL - Rule not yet solidified.
[F] One* clip must have at least one upside-down frame.
[G] Only* shots filmed with a camera phone.
[H] Only* handheld shots.
[J] Give an* inanimate object a story arc.
[K] One person has to play two* separate characters.[L] Only* locked down shots.
[M] All* footage was filmed before this rolled.
[N] +++RE-ROLL - Rule not yet solidified.
[P] All* Point of View/POV shots.
[Q] D#1 continuous seconds of complete quiet.
[R] Camera can’t move beyond 10* feet in any direction from any point you decide.
[S] Include a* slow motion shot (twice as slow or slower).
[T] One* shot in real time with un-altered clock visibly reading 11:48
[V] +++RE-ROLL - Rule not yet solidified.
[W] Collaborate with one* person who is currently in another state.
[X] All* exterior shots.
[Z] All* interior shots.

D#1 = * in D#3 [0]
D#1 + Cuts [1]
D#1 + Days [2]
D#1 + Words [3]
D#1 + People [4]
D#1 + Locations [5]
D#1x10 seconds [6]
D#1 + Props [7]
D#1x10 minute window [8]